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* data_examples
* data_fibers
### Reconstruction
* `01_FBP`: Basic data simulation and reconstruction by filtered back-projection (FBP)
* `02_Load`: Load raw data and apply flat and dark field corrections
* `03_RealReconstructionChalk`: Reconstruct synchrotron data
* `04_IterativeReconstruction`: Iterative reconstruction methods
* `05_FanBeam`: Fan-beam geometry
* `06_ROI`: The region-of-interest (ROI) problem
* `07_RealReconstructionBundle`: Reconstruction of large field of view (LFoV) bundle data set
* `08_RealReconstructionFibers`: Reconstruction of FoV2_5mm fiber data set
### Advanced Image Analysis Note
Contains the note.pdf of Advanced Image analysis course at DTU
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